"Arquivo.pt: Memórias do 25 de Abril na Internet" (Archive.pt: Memories of April 25on the Internet ) is the name of the initiative carried out by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), in partnership with the 50 Years of April 25 Commemorative Commission, and which is part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of Democracy.  

Arquivo.pt, FCT's digital service, developed through FCCN, which has been preserving archived information from the web since 1996, is launching this online exhibition called "Arquivo.pt: Memories of April 25 on the Internet", which describes important points in the history of democracy through a timeline of the last 27 years.  

The exhibition is based on the dissemination of the historical legacy associated with the Carnation Revolution, contributing to its preservation and knowledge. It presents itself as a journey through time, taking you to old web pages and remembering moments in national life. 

In addition, it provides a list of other pages about April 25. In some cases, these are fragments and incomplete memories, but they nevertheless provide a window into the past. The criteria for defining the pages to be included in the exhibition were based on the choice of content relating to commemorations of April 25, pages found on Arquivo.pt on close dates each year, the search for diversity to include different areas of the country and pages from popular demonstrations and official ceremonies. 

Exhibition highlights 

The milestones highlighted in the exhibition begin in 1997, with the April 25 Association page, where you can access the message from the President of the Association and which April celebrations were held that year.  

Other archived pages that are now part of the initiative are those of the National Library commemorating the 25th anniversary of the revolution, with a chronology and the respective intervention movements. In addition, there are pages from national newspapers such as Público, Correio da Manhã and A Verdade with news about the April 25 celebrations over the years.  

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