Madalena Carvalho, Director of Documentation Services at Universidade Aberta, has been taking part in FCCN since 2011. With the next edition of the meeting approaching, Madalena gave us her experience of the event over the years, particularly the 2023 edition.

"The Jornadas FCCN are an incentive for innovation. They are a forum of excellence for the dissemination of knowledge, collaboration and discussion of issues that are relevant to the advancement of science and technology in Portugal". 

What motivated you to attend the event in 2023?   

The Jornadas' focus on projects and ideas that encourage innovation in teaching and research means that this is always an event I look forward to. It provides excellent opportunities to share ideas, experiences and challenges in my field. So it was in 2023. 

What did you like most or what exceeded your expectations in the 2023 edition of the Jornadas FCCN? 

The sharing of knowledge and the moments of inspiration were, as has been the practice in previous editions of the Days, excellent. What, from my point of view, exceeded my expectations in the 2023 edition, and that's why I'm highlighting it, was the charm of the cultural event offered by the Naval School. It was really different and... top! 

What did you take away from FCCN 2023? 

In addition to the useful information for carrying out the duties for which I am responsible in my institution, I note as very important the opportunity to discuss challenges and explore joint solutions for the teaching and research community and apply them in my institution. I also took away involvement, commitment and a sense of belonging to the community.  

Do you think the Jornadas FCCN are important for the national teaching and research community?

Yes. I think that the Jornadas FCCN are very important because they promote the sharing of resources and knowledge and encourage collaboration between educational and research institutions. The combination of formal presentations and moments of informal contact promotes the creation of an integrated environment that is conducive to discussing the challenges faced by the community and finding joint solutions. 

Would you recommend this event to others?

Yes, I highly recommend it! Participation also gives institutions the opportunity to present their own projects and initiatives, thus increasing their visibility in the community. I think it's very important that institutional decision-makers responsible for research and Open Science actively participate in this event.  

What do you expect from the 2024 edition?

As part of the magnificent setting chosen this year for the conference, I intend to capitalize on my participation in the event to strengthen my network of professional contacts and establish partnerships that will enable me to apply innovative concepts and overcome obstacles in my field.  

Days FCCN 2024

From April 15 to 17, the Madeira Congress Center and the Pestana Casino Park in Funchal will host the 15th edition of Jornadas FCCN. Registration registration for this largest gathering of the academic and research community is now open.  

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